Vacation Spots for Coffee Lovers

Need to take a vacay? If you’re a coffee enthusiast who’s up for time off that will make your heart and mind full, then check out these five places that will make you love coffee even more!



Italy deserves to be on this list because it’s a country known for the delicious cappuccino and the strong espresso. Coffee in Italy is surprisingly affordable, and that’s because it’s part of the socialization in the country. Italy boasts of its more or less 150,000 bars, and most of these are intimate cafes where you can simply relax and have the ultimate vacay you’ve wanted for a long time. The coffee varieties in the country never seem to end. In Bologna, you can drink the Estivo. If you’re in Milan, you can enjoy a cup of Tazzotta, an espresso with creamy milk foam and cacao on top. There are more, but I’ll let you discover those drinks on your own.


Nicaragua produces world-famous coffee beans. The country has several stunning places you can visit, but the most essential thing a coffee lover can do here is to purchase a bag of beans and enjoy it in his/her house with a coffee maker from https://coffee-channel.com.



In Colombia, coffee is produced all year round. Compared to other countries that harvest only once or twice a year, that’s an advantage Colombia can be proud of. Colombia’s landscape is even filled with diversity, various colors, and joyful citizens. Its coffee farms are one of the most beautiful sights your eyes could lay upon.

Costa Rica

Coffee originated from Costa Rica in the 1700s and is still significant in the country’s economy until now. For your vacay, take a trip to the 30-acre coffee plantation in Costa Rica Marriott San Jose. There’s even an on-site coffee curator who can teach you how to harvest coffee at home and design lattes.



Lastly, this article won’t be complete if we don’t mention Hawaii. This is where Kona coffee, one of the most popular coffees in the planet, originated. Kauai Coffee can also be consumed fresh in the country, and it’s as flavorful as the Kona coffee. If you want to have a coffee vacation, better visit the 3,000-acre Kauai Coffee which has 4 million coffee trees to satisfy your eyes. You’ll surely end your vacay with a smile.

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Sweet DIY Projects for Sweeter Vacations

Why bother getting DIY gadgets one should own and finishing projects on your vacay? Vacations aren’t just for relaxation, you know. They’re also the perfect time to have fun and to learn something new. There are so many sweet DIY projects out there about home décor that could make your vacays a lot better. So, if you’re not convinced that you should consider completing DIY projects, you better read the following.

DIY projects can keep your mind sharp


Finishing projects during vacation is also a great time to sharpen your mind in a fun way. You can combat a sedentary lifestyle and keep your brain sharp even if you’re not doing your usual routine. You’ll gain more knowledge about handyman tools, must-haves, do’s and don’ts about decorating and building, and more! Learning new things through DIY projects is a much better choice compared to watching television for hours, don’t you think?

DIY projects allow you to exercise

Remember what I said about sedentary lifestyle? Well, it is true. If you’re into DIY projects, you’ll have a healthier body because some of these projects require you to lift heavy stuff, move a lot, and be flexible (especially if you’re painting walls). Finishing this kind of projects can help you work out without even thinking about it. You can also lose weight! That’s right. You can work up a sweat when you rip floors, fix pipes, tear walls, improve your garden using a weed eater, and more. If you don’t fancy the idea of a typical exercise, then I suggest you get busy doing a home improvement project instead.

DIY projects allow you to learn a new set of skills

diy-woven-tableDIY and home improvement projects aren’t only limited to handymen. Decorating your room, repairing the windows, installing new floorings—all these contribute to a more skilled version of you. If you want your vacation to be productive without being too harsh on your physical and mental health, then opt for small DIY projects. These projects, no matter how small, can still give you a sense of accomplishment, which is a good feeling to experience especially if you’re on a vacay.

You can teach yourself to deal with plumbing, you can spend a few dollars on a headboard, or you could build your own coffee table if you’re up for the challenge. Doing projects yourself is an excellent way to hone your existing skills and to teach you new ones.

DIY projects enable you to connect with other DIY enthusiasts

It won’t be long before you stumble onto a group of fellow DIY lovers, and I promise you, the community is inspiring. Connecting with other people is one of the miracles that DIY projects can bring. You can meet new friends, share ideas with them, and be more in love with creativity together. You’ll also be more encouraged to DIY if you have a supportive community that’s willing to give you advice.

It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway), DIY projects aren’t burdensome at all. In fact, they can change the way you spend your vacations forever. And when I say change, I mean the good kind of change.


Of Welds and Vacays

Did you know that stick welding and traveling for pleasure both have three similarities? Check out the advantages they give!

Peace of Mind


Ah, yes. Peace. Inner peace. If you use a reliable stick welder, you’ll be able to have peace of mind knowing you’ll come up with the ideal weld at the end of the day. The same goes for traveling. Traveling is an excellent remedy for a broken mind, a broken heart, a broken spirit, or an exhausted body. Traveling can give you the peace you need—something you don’t receive in your day-to-day life. Traveling can serve as that big break that will provide you the quietness you deserve. Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive, which is also a fact that will contribute to your inner peace.


Stick welding can also make you a more creative person as long as you know the correct technique and are aware of the tips and tricks behind it. Stick welding has a lot to offer only if you’re using a dependable welding machine. Likewise, traveling can also fire up your creative side. You can be creative by thinking of different and unique ways to take photos of tourists spots. You’re creative when you’re posing differently in front of a statue or a typical scene. You’re creative when you think of ways to come up with pictures that are original. You’re creative when you think outside the box when you travel. It’s really just like welding which allows you to produce complicated shapes and designs. With welding and traveling, your imagination is your limit.

Better Physical Health


Traveling strengthens the body by enabling you to roam around and try new sports. Traveling by foot is also common if you’re visiting another country, and that can keep your heart, lungs, legs, and feet active. Welding also requires physical effort and endurance, which can strengthen your lower body while keeping your mind focused on the task at hand.


Finally, traveling and welding can satisfy your mind and heart. It can make you full. Welding (again, with the right stick welding machine) can fulfill your need for a product. Stick welding can produce high-quality welds that will give you the gratification you’ve been wanting. Welding is such a fantastic activity. Watching two metal bases being joined is something that can satisfy our eyes and heart. It’s the same with traveling because the art of traveling also gives our mind and spirit the sense of fulfillment. It’s as if our hearts and minds have been fed by invisible food and are now enjoying their fullness. Traveling is satisfying because it opens doors to new opportunities, new experiences, and new friends. It’s one effective way to make the heart full and the mind renewed.


You see, both activities aren’t so different after all. They’re similar because of the benefits they can offer to our physical and mental bodies.


Traveling and Pool Cleaning: Do They Have Similarities?

Both traveling and pool cleaning are good for your mental and physical health. It may sound unlikely, but the two are similar in making you a better person. Let’s look at the details.

Mental Health

Dolphin-99996403-PC-Dolphin-Nautilus-PlusYou can improve your mental health by using a top rated automatic sweeper which can help you have peace of mind. An automatic pool cleaner can help you clean your pool efficiently—quick and thorough is what you’re aiming for after all. Besides, you can’t enjoy swimming in cloudy pool water, right? And we all know that swimming can relieve stress on the body, help renew the mind, and release feel-good hormones when they’re needed the most. The activity of pool cleaning using an automatic cleaner can help you relax knowing there won’t be any dirt or debris left in the pool.

In the same way, traveling is also an excellent mental workout. Studies reveal that it boosts the mood and attitude. A lot of people love traveling because even though planning for it is a bit stressful, the joy and excitement it brings make you happier. Traveling also opens opportunities for you to learn new languages and gain knowledge about others’ culture. It can keep your mind sharp while allowing you to unwind at the same time.

Physical Health

In the case of physical health, it’s pretty obvious. When you clean your pool with a brush or a skimmer, you need to move around the pool to make sure every area is spotless. Checking for leaks and damages can also contribute to healthier legs and muscles. Handling and cleaning your robotic pool cleaner can even strengthen your triceps and biceps. Then, after the pool cleaning and after taking a shower, you could enjoy your clean pool by swimming like there’s no tomorrow. Talk about physical fitness!


Traveling is also a physical exercise. It allows you to walk more than you ever did in your hometown. That’s because maximizing your chances of strolling around another city is a priority for you. Traveling enables you to keep your body in shape by encouraging you to tour by foot and try new adventures like surfing, snowboarding, water skiing, canoeing, and more. All these are good for your muscles and bones.

You see, pool cleaning and traveling have similarities after all. They’re both advantageous for those who want to keep their bodies healthy for the next years to come.

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Slowing Down Anywhere With CS:GO

slowing down

Let’s face it. It’s not every day that we get a chance to see and explore on places that we’ve only seen from others’ pictures before. But when we do, doing exactly just that would probably be out of the question as we’ll knock ourselves out to make up for all those sleepless nights and reports at work.

Let’s face it as well. It’s not every day that we get a chance to experience and adventure in things that we’ve only heard from others’ stories before. And when we do, doing exactly just that would probably out of the question as we’ll knock ourselves in to make up for all those restless days and chores at home.

But then again, we can always slow down anywhere with CS:GO (which you can learn more about at https://cstrading.site/)…

You see and contrary to what some people believe about CS:GO, immersing yourself in this game as you slow down anywhere in life already makes up for all those sleepless nights and reports at work – thanks to the game’s seemingly immersing ability to make one take a much-needed breather while exploring on places that you never thought would be possible for you to see firsthand just by clicking on that mouse of yours while playing on CS:GO’s global and interactive gameplay.

Because indeed, it’s not every day that we get a chance to see and explore on places that we’ve only seen from others’ pictures before – not until we immerse ourselves in this kind of game as you slow down anywhere in life and where you already made up for all those sleepless nights and reports at work.

And then again, we can always slow down anywhere with CS:GO…

You also see and contrary to what other people believe about CS:GO, involving yourself in this game as you slow down anywhere in life already makes up for all those restless days and chores at home – thanks to the game’s seemingly involving capability to make one take a much-needed changer while adventuring in things that you never thought would be possible for you to experience firsthand just by clicking on that mouse of yours while playing on CS:GO’s global and intraactive gameplay.

Because indeed, it’s not every day that we get a chance to see and explore on places that we’ve only seen from others’ pictures before – not until we involve ourselves in this kind of game as you slow down anywhere in life and where you already made up for all those restless days and chores at home.

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Simple Ways To Appreciate Places Even More


Let’s face it.

It’s not often that we get a chance to take a breather from our work lives’ heat and tension. But when we do finally get that much-needed chance for a breather, we would probably too tired to notice all those places we’ve only seen from other people’s pictures before.

And let’s also face it.

It’s not often that we get a chance to make a changer from our home lives’ pressure and strain. And when we do finally get that much-needed chance for a changer, we would probably be too pained to notice all those things we’ve only heard from other people’s stories before.

Thus, it’s only right for you to consider these simple ways to appreciate places – just like how people appreciate the Winterset Iowa City Park – even more:

Take a stroll.

Contrary to popular belief, taking a stroll is not just great for when you need to be physically healthier than usual. It’s also great for when you need to just stop by and take in all those places you can see right in front of you without getting tired that easily. And the best part of taking a stroll? It’s a great way for you to appreciate places even more, all the while taking in all those vitamins that the warm sun is shining down on you.

Ride a bike.

Contrary to popular belief as well, riding a bike is not just great for when you need to be mentally fitter than usual. It’s also great for when you need to just pass by and make out all those things you can hear right in front of you without getting pained that easily. And the best part of riding a bike? It’s a great way for you to appreciate things even more, all the while taking on all those minerals that the cool air is blowing up on you.

3 Beautiful Countryside Destinations Near Paris

No matter how many times you visit Paris, the bustling city does not seem to run out of this to see and experience. While it would be tempting to spend all your time exploring its streets and alleys to discover its hidden gems, a side trip to the Parisian countryside is something you will not want to miss. From stunning natural scenery to iconic cultural landmarks and attractions, here are some of the best destinations outside the heart of Paris worth making a day trip for.

1. Auvers-sur-Oise
Auvers-sur-Oise chateau
Why you should go: Auvers-sur-Oise is a picturesque small town that is just a little over thirty minutes away from Paris. It is best known for the deep attachment the iconic painter Vincent Van Gogh has with the place. Van Gogh, who wanted to be near his brother who was living in Paris, stayed in the charming town and fell in love with it. He painted a lot of his works there and in nearby areas. Auvers-sur-Oise is also a popular destination for other painters not just in the past but also today. Some of the town’s must-see sights are the Château d’Auvers, Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption, musée de l’Absinthe, van Gogh’s tomb, and l’auberge Ravoux (Maison de van Gogh) among others.

2. Chartres
Chartres cathedral
Why you should go: Located roughly 90 kilometers from Paris, the town of Chartres is home to one of the oldest churches in France — the beautiful Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Chartres. In just an hour or a little over an hour of travel by train, you can reach the town and admire the awe-inspiring medieval Gothic architecture of the cathedral, dazzling stained-glass windows, the prayer labyrinth, and many other mesmerizing attractions. Other unmissable attractions in Chartres include Église Saint-Pierre, the historic centre and Rue des Écuyers, the town on the banks of the Eure, Maison Picassiette, Centre International du Vitrail (International Stained Glass Centre) and more.

3. Versailles
Château de Versailles
Why you should go: Versailles is located less than an hour away by train from Paris. This makes it one of the easiest and cheapest day trips you can take to enjoy the enchanting sights away from the hustle and bustle of the City of Light. Home to the world-famous and stunning Château de Versailles, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Versailles offers plenty of breathtaking attractions like the Gardens of Versailles, the Hall of Mirrors, Grand Trianon, the Royal Opera of Versailles, and Notre-Dame de Versailles to name a few.

St James Park

5 Must-Watch Videos That Will Inspire You to Slow Down and Enjoy Life

If you are a TED Talk fan, you know how inspiring a lot of its talks can be. But if you are among those who have not watched it even once, it is never too late to start. Here are some of the best videos about slowing down that will inspire you to do just that and enjoy life.

Andy Puddicombe: All it takes is 10 mindful minutes

Everyone goes through days when slowing down seems like an impossible feat. But as mindfulness expert Andy Puddicombe shares in this video, taking 10 mindful minutes is all you need to do nothing and simply enjoy the present moment. He talks about how spending at least 10 minutes not using your phone, thinking, or talking with someone can go a long way in improving your life.

Carl Honore: In praise of slowness

Many people are no stranger to living life in the fast lane. You just have to look at people during rush hour in cities to see how hectic everyday life has become. But for journalist Carl Honore, a life focused on speed could diminish people’s quality of life. He talks about why a growing number of people are now choosing to slow down and its potential benefits to one’s life.

Matthieu Ricard: The habits of happiness

Matthieu Ricard is a biochemist who became a Buddhist monk. In this video, he shares about the powerful impact of training the mind to build habits that promote wellbeing. He talks about meditators or people who spend a lot of time in meditation and mind training. Fun and enlightening, this talk will make you rethink how you spend your time every day and how you can create a more tranquil and fulfilling life.

Paolo Cardini: Forget multitasking, try monotasking

Designer Paolo Cardini puts multitasking in perspective and presents a much better alternative – monotasking. He then talks about how focusing on one task at a time can be a transformative experience.

Pico Iyer: The art of stillness

Everyone gets overwhelmed at some point. Constant activity and the wide array of distractions often add to the frenzy of everyday life. In this talk, travel writer Pico Iyer shares about the art of stillness and the positive effects it can have in one’s life.


5 Ways to Slow Down and Enjoy a Relaxing Vacation

A vacation is a time for taking a break from hustle and routine of daily life. For most people, if not all, the whole point of going on a holiday is to have fun, relax, and do things they do not have the time to do every day. But going on a leisure trip is not always as relaxing as you would hope it to be. You may inadvertently set a hectic pace in the hopes of cramming as many things to see and do as you can in your travel itinerary. If you want to avoid stress while traveling, here are some ways to slow down and enjoy a relaxing time wherever your travels bring you.

1. Travel with less. Not many people feel comfortable traveling with only the basic essentials in their luggage. But there is sense of lightness, figuratively and literally, when you start traveling with less. Just ask anyone who has done it. If you are not used to packing light, you can ease your way into it by shortening your list of things to bring one trip at a time.

2. Plan but little room for flexibility. Plan just enough to ensure that you have covered the most important things for a smooth trip. But avoid cramming your schedule with activities that you have barely have time to rest. Make the most of your vacation to go slow and easy. Enjoy doing the things you love and explore places at a much slower pace.

3. Don’t worry about things outside your control. Breathe and don’t sweat the stuff that are outside your control. Adjust when things do not go as planned or, if there is no harm in doing so, just go with the flow and let events unfold as they should.

4. Spend more time offline. Unplug and disconnect for as long as you can during your trip. Post your photos or thoughts after you get back from your vacation. Or do it on your spare time at the end of the day.

5. Pick a place suited for a truly relaxing break. Find a more laidback destination or a tranquil getaway. You can spend your vacation in a picturesque town or village in the countryside, a woodland cabin, or a lakeside lodge. There are actually many options you can choose from where you can enjoy everything more slowly.