Slow Travel

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5 Ways to “Slow Travel”

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1. Choose a vacation rental or cheaper accommodation that allows you to stay longer in your destination without breaking the bank. Search in advance so you have plenty of time and options to help you find one that best fits your needs and budget.

2. Travel by train or bus, if possible. Destinations like Europe are great for rail trips that let you enjoy more of the amazing scenery along the way.

3. Take a road trip. Why fly when you can drive? Slow travel is about setting an unhurried pace. If you are traveling somewhere within reasonable driving distance, consider taking that road trip and experience the fun of discovering the sights as you cruise on roads and streets to your destination.

4. Get around like a local. Walk, cycle, or get around by public transportation. Meander every chance you get. You might be surprised with how much you can see and experience as you take your time instead of rushing from place to place in a rental car or taxi.

5. Eat slow. Skip the fast-food lanes. Cook your own local dish using ingredients you can get from a farmers’ market or grocery. Dine in hole-in-the wall restaurants or eateries run by locals. Or you can give those eat with locals apps a try and search for hosts in the area that could serve you with delicious home-cooked meals.