Where to Go


4 Best Places to Slow Down and Enjoy a Tranquil Getaway in the UK

Bardsey Island
Bardsey Island, Wales
No electricity to power TV or a microwave and a handful of human residents — these are just some of the things you will find in Bardsey Island. Remote and isolated, it is the perfect place to get away from it all to slow down and simply enjoy the tranquil atmosphere.

Cairngorms National Park
Cairngorms National Park, Scotland
Picturesque countryside, rolling hills as far as the eyes can see, hills, valleys, forest paths, charming villages, and lots of places to spot wildlife are just some of the Cairngorms National Park’s biggest draws. If you want to take a breather from the hustle of city life, this is one of the places in the UK to go and do it.

Lundy, Devon
Breathtaking views of the sea and stunning nature scenery. Peaceful, quiet, and picturesque — what’s not to love about this place? Plus there are 23 options on where to stay if you are thinking of visiting for more than a day.

Wasdale Head Inn
Wasdale Head Inn, Cumbria
Imagine staying in an inn that sits isolated in a place surrounded by stunning scenery and dramatic landscapes. It is a place where you can set your own pace, enjoy a slow meal, and set out for a leisurely stroll into a valley.